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Stephanie is a 17-year-old rising senior at Seven Lakes High School in Katy, Texas. She is deeply passionate about leveraging science and technology to address inadequacies in education and public health. Stephanie attended the Research Science Institute (RSI) where she studied the mechanisms of a novel Alzheimer's disease drug at Harvard Medical School. Previously, Stephanie has conducted research on epidemiology and cardiology which have been published in scholarly journals and presented at international conferences. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys listening to podcasts and jogging around her neighborhood.

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Ellen is a 16-year-old researcher, podcast host, and Kawasaki disease awareness advocate actively exploring the intersection between technology and healthcare. For her research, she has had the wonderful opportunity to become a 2x ISEF Finalist and 3rd Place Grand Award winner internationally. She has also been recognized by Scripps Research, Sony, Society of Women's Engineers, and more for her scientific pursuits! Technology and research aside, her passions include fencing saber on the national level, sharing her ideas with others through creative writing, and traveling and experiencing new cultures around the world.

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Siya Goel is a senior from West Lafayette Jr. Sr. High School in Indiana who is planning to major in computational biology. She is passionate about research, STEM advocacy, and political advocacy. She firmly believes that all three of her passions unite complex phenomenons with the general public. Siya loves to conduct laboratory and computational projects pertaining to Alzheimer's and pancreatic cancer at multiple labs in Tufts Medical Center, Purdue University, and University of Michigan.  

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