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Our projects

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Research Program

Summer of 2021, the WiResearch team hosted our first ever Research conference aiming to network with Academia professionals to help conduct research and get access to resources. We are so thankful for getting 900+ participants from 23+ countries!

Interview Series

Our team interviews an accomplished and exceptional female high school researchers on their way to top colleges (MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia etc). These interviews aim to inspire and encourage young girls from around the world to pursue their own personal projects. So far, we have interviewed 30+ female researchers and field professionals. At the moment, we're looking to interview professional female researchers to provide an insight into the fields!

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From generous donations and immense support from our sponsors, to date we have raised over $ 15,000! All proceeds have gone towards providing 1,0-00+ young girls with the required resources (lab, experimenting materials) and improving current conditions of school labs and equipment from India.

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