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Our Executive Team 


Vaishnavi Manivannan

Chief Executive Officer (2022-23)

Vaishnavi Manivannan is a rising senior at ABA Oman International School who had founded WiResearch in 2020. She is excited to work with the newly recruited cohort for this academic year to connect individuals from marginalized parts of the world to mentors to get a start on their research projects, in order to bridge the gender gap in STEM academia. 


Diya Girish Kumar

Chief Operating Officer (2022-23)

Diya Girish Kumar is a sophomore from the United States. Passionate about helping under-represented communities, Diya is excited to use her research experience to help lead WiResearch and bring scientific innovation to women around the world.


Ramona Karimi

Chief Operating Officer (2022-23)

Ramona is a Canadian high school sophomore who is passionate about STEAM and activism. Through working with organisations, she aims to uplift women and provide resources to help bridge the gender gap in STEAM. 


Urmika Nandwani

Chief Financial Officer (2022-23)

Urmika is an incoming freshman at Vanderbilt University. Having grown up in three different continents, she is well aware of the lack of resources and support for scientific research in under-resourced areas. She hopes to help spread this privilege with the rest the team!

Operations/Research Team


Iris Litiu

Without people to push me on to pursue STEM, I would never have been exposed to some of my favorite domains, such as ecosystem modeling with differential equations, plasmonics, and robotics. I hope to reciprocate these actions towards a wider community, such that our next generation will use their curiosity to strive towards perpetual innovation.


Alejandra Esparza Pelcastre

I want to help more people to have confidence in that they can achieve their goals by teaching and giving them the tools and motivation to achieve them. From an early age I have been mesmerized by how we can understand the universe with mathematics and manipulate it with science, that is why I want to break the barriers of science so that humanity can overcome its limits.


Mrinalika Singh

Mrinalika is a HS senior from India. With a scientifically-driven creative mind, she is always eager to collaborate and tackle critical problems via innovative solutions. She deeply cares about making knowledge accessible to today's youth from under-resourced areas and hopes to use her position to make an impact.


Isabel Espino

From a very young age, I have been close to STEM. I’ve loved its different fields, such as maths, physics, robotics, programming, and now, big data. This is why my goal is to spread knowledge and motivation to discover new things to young people and encourage them to follow the path of science.


Isabel C

Isabel is a junior at St. Augustine Preparatory School in Nicaragua. She is deeply passionate about STEM education and recognizes the empowerment it can bring to the youth. Her favorite research field is environmental science. She noticed how a lack of education has hindered the attitudes toward the climate crisis in her own country. Thus, she hopes she can spread awareness and bring scientific knowledge to every person regardless their income or geographical location.

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Ahmed Ayman

Hi everyone! My name is Ahmed Ayman, and I'm a student in the eleventh grade (rising senior) at a STEM school in Egypt that focuses on high-level science subjects and projects that solve the world's biggest problems. I'm also interested in biomedical engineering, particularly the part that have to do with neuroscience, like brain-computer interfaces. In addition, I have a strong interest in research projects and competitions; they provide me the ability to seek for problems and find solutions based on scientific methodologies, which is why I am interested in participating in many research-related extracurriculars.


Zelan Eroz Espanto

Zee is a HS junior from the Philippines and incoming scholar at UWC ISAK Japan. She loves scientific research and contributing to the public understanding of science and technology through writing and organizing outreach activities.



I am a Grade 12 student from Northern India. I am interested in environmental sciences and breakthroughs in climate change, renewable energy, waste management etc.
I live in a small conservative town and there's a lack of awareness and resources available  to students here. I hope to remove this barrier so that students in communities like mine can pursue careers in scientific research and bring impact back home with WiResearch while bridging the gender gap!

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Ishita T

I'm a junior at Stevenson High school and have a passion for technology, healthcare and the world of kids. I enjoy tutoring and have started my own non-profit to teach coding to younger kids for free and we have reached numerous people across chicago. I also enjoy badminton and fitness in general.

Ejegul Dovranova

Hemangi Maheshwari

Meenakshi Narayanan

Sakina Ahmed

Marketing/Media Team

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Meher Narang

Meher Narang is a senior at ABA Oman International School. She looks forward to helping the social media team in advertising, advocating and recruiting. 

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Sankalp Khira

Hi my name is Sankalp, I am very excited to be joining WiR, as I am very passionate about computer science and excited about the learning and the teaching opportunities and the aid for research in telecommunication. 

Katie Mishra

Katie Sharma

Amber Rose Harris

Akshita Vijay

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